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Healthy Workplace Honoree 2016
February, 2016

The Business Council of Fairfield County hosted their Helathy Workplace
Employer Recognition Program on Thursday, February 25th.  This program
reconized and congratulated the efforts of 49 area employers, including SWC,
who understand the competitive advantage of a healthy workforce and who have implemented a diverse range of programs to promote a healthy
workplace and assist their employees to live healthier lives.


NeoCon 2015
June, 2015


NeoCon is the commercial interiors industry's most important annal
event - bringing together the right people, the best products, and
the most innovative ideas. 

NeoCon is the largest commerical interiors show in North America,
taking place at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago since 1969. 

See photos from the event here


Spring Fling - Rise of the Human Factor
May, 2015


Located in SWC's showroom, SWC and Teknion hosted a CEU (Continuing
Education Unit) taught by Lisa Barday, Teknion's Program Manager for
Seating & Ergonomic products. This CEU focused on educating architects and designers about the value of a healthy work environment.

The past few years we have been so focused on reducing cost, the impact of technology and making our buildings sustainable that we are forgetting for whom we are designing...people. Many office-based workers are not living healthy lives today. True, greener buildings are healthier for the
occupant but that's not enough. It's time to refocus on the worker and
empower them to move business forward.

Suzanne Tick's Fall Weaving Workshop
October, 2014

Suzanne Tick, creative director for Teknion Textiles, has designed a cohesive collection of innovative upholstery, panel and architectural textiles in clean, architectural patterns and fresh, clear colors. Located in SWC’s new Teknion showroom, Suzanne Tick introduced Teknion Textiles and taught a “Weaving Workshop” to a group of architects and designers. Suzanne Tick also judged the “Pumpkin Carving Contest” where she decided which company carved the best pumpkin.

See photos from the event here


SWC Renovates Showroom
March, 2014

SWC completes major showroom renovation to showcase Teknion breadth of products from furniture to architectural glass walls as well as other furniture vendors.

See photos from the event here